Rehau Double Glazed Vinyl Windows

Rehau Double Glazed Vinyl Windows / Clasic Series Double Hung Window

Double Glazed Double Hung Window Standard Features:

  • Interior glazing bead design constitutes a key security feature, allowing the window to withstand winds of over 330 km/h.
  • The full size, double walled handle bead is exceptionally sturdy.
  • Fusion Welded Frame and Sashes
  • The double walls of the sash give it increased sound abatement qualities and strength.
  • Convenient operating panels allow easy cleaning from inside.
  • 7/8’’ Double Pane Cardinal 272 Low E Argon Glass
  • Variable sizes of Brick mould, jamb extensions, drywall returns, and mullion covers, and t-mullions.
  • Premium Security LOCK
  • Includes a spring loaded screen that covers half the window.
  • Energy Star Certified for Canadian Zones: A, B & C.







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