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4500 Series Tilt & Turn Doors

Endless Versitility for Endless Possibilities.

Forhomes tilt and turn series combines the widest variety of features with excellent performance capabilities. This 4500 Series Tilt & Turn utilizes european design and technology to provide the most versatile patio door product on the market! It has been used in Europe for decades and we are proud to make it available in Canada. Both window and door have a multi-point locking system, virtually locking like a vault, on all sides!

Available in both window and door applications, this product can tilt inwards for ventilation, open fully or lock all with the turn of the handle.

The versatile design of the Tilt & Turn  doors garners an unlimited selection of glass and hardware options. Tilt & Turn doors are also available in  Oak wood foil lamination.

A Beautiful Way to Open Rooms

The 4500 Series is used extensively in high-end residential projects because of it's unprecedented quality and fantastic customizing capabilities. Whether you need patio doors for a new home or renovating, these doors will fit easily into mansonry, frame or stucco homes.

Forhomes 4500 Series of doors and windows are made of high quality Rehau uPVC. High quality impact-resistent uPVC is essential during transportation and installation when frames are subjected to bending, and when they are exposed to low external temperatures in winter. Under these counditions regular PVC would crack. Cracking is much less likely with uPVC.








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