Rehau Triple Glazed Vinyl Windows

Rehau Windows Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Caledon, GTA

This is our "Monster Glass". The 13/8" strength and thickness of a impenetrable component combined witha stunning Rehau look makes this one of our most sought after pieces of work. Perhapes you want to make your house look good or maybe you want to try to get away from unwanted sources of noise such as highways, airports etc.  If this is the case, you will love our Triple glass Rehau system. Never look at a window or door as a piece of hardware again. Let these become the windows to your world.

A superior product was developed after 40 years of development and it is being offered in 40 countries around the world

Triple glass offers a 35-105% increase in insulation compared to regualr glass.

Made of Superior uPVC

Our Classic series are made of high quality Rehau uPVC. The process by which the uPVC is strengthened allows it to easily overcome the power of standard pvc, much more power and now with style. Most importantly, these triple glazed windows have outstanding light and weather resistance, and its recycleable if you're ever looking to start another project.

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