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Design and Versatility.

Our designs: Bingo , Bravo or  T18 represent possible shapes which comes in many different colors and can be delivered in aluminum or galvanized steel to complement different types of homes.

Energy and Cost Efficient.

Metal roofing can actually cost less when comparing its life cycle to other roofing materials. They can save up to 30% in energy cooling costs. They work well in any geographical location.



Metal roofs withstanding harsh weather conditions  and are virtually maintenance free. They offer better protection from high winds and fire.

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Metal Roofs Facts

The most economical and available roofing materials are steel and aluminum

As the reputation of the metal roofing material and its benefits are growing; increasing numbers of contractors and homeowners are looking into its benefits

During the recent 2 decades, many new mettalic roofing materials have appeared on the roofing market.

These roofs are no "barn roofs" these are roofs made up of strong material that will endure the harshest of nature if needed.These are awesome answers to your need of dependable, lightweight, fire-retardant/resistant roofs that will look gorgeous on your home.

Metal roofs: privileged for their long life-span, easy and quick installation, and fire-resistance—in standard cases, by one of our accomplished metal roofing contractors.As these roofs are amazing at turning back heat/light from the sun; this will help you save money and energy on costs such as those of cooling/ AC bills and could even qualify you for tax credit acquisition.

Steel and aluminum are some of the choices for our roofs, however materials such as alloys and copper can be used but will be more expensive. Aluminum easily and strongly hold and keep finishes for paint (as the steel has a possibility of being galvanized), as well as being dependable.  As aluminum is a metal softer than steel, it will be more inclined to damage and denting as well as being more expensive than our standard: steel. However, aluminum does not corrode the way that steel manages to if the finish gives in and is compromised. For more about our roofing materials, see our "Metal Roofing Materials" page.


Choosing a Look for Metal Roofing

When looking at buying a metal roof, you will have to decide on the paramount look of the roof that you will want to have

 Residential metal roofing picture gallery

A metal roof has two variations of appearance that are very different: this includes the standard shingle look and the tile-like panels. There are many variations of the roofs aesthetic in order to make your roof look the way you want it to... you'll find our more later. What is a metal panel roof? This is one of the standard variations of the metal roof "look": this "standard-seam roofing" has a ribbed aesthetic look that has raised ribs which occur every 6 or 12 inches with a vertical application that shows openly what it is, a standard looking metal roof that is not pretending to be anything different. It has a clean, honest and contemporary appearance that architects favor. This type of metal roof is often used in homes differing from modern works of art to cabins in mountains in forests but looks very our of place on a Colonial looking home.

A metal shingle roof is inexplicably different in its outlook from sheet metal roofing. This style is made to imitate other types of roofing such as: wood shakes or Spanish tile. These types of shingles are always given a mutiple-slab finishes that could include coarse-stone overcoats that accomplish a realistic effect.

Sheet Metal Roofing and Metal Shingle Roofing for more information of metal roofing.

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