Vinyl and Aluminum Shutters

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Vinyl shutters.

Vinyl shutters have all the advantages of wood, are extremely durable, and are maintenance free

Customized Styles: Colonial Raised Panel designs with Traditional Open Louver.

Customzed Sizes: We have shutters that are available in lengths of your choosing up to 144' and will fit your precisely checked measurements.

Maintenance Free: The durable copolymer construction with U.V. stabilized molded-through colour makes a world of differance with the visual impact of the window 

and will make sure that the material will never chip or fade.

Woodgrain Texture with Beaded Finish: Giving you the finished look and feeling of wood but with none of its downsides.

Transferable 40-year warranty: This warranty will allow you to transfer it to another of our producs. This includes the finish (however decorators colours only!!!)

We install on any variation of materials such as wood, vinyl, stucco, aluminum, fiber cement or brick, and with no anchors necessary.

Vinyl Shutters Colors

Aluminum Shutters in Mississauga

Aluminum shutter are the perfect clinching touch that add a flair and architectural accent that adds value to your home.

We supply our shutters through Kaycan. They produce shutters coated with an ideal thermo-setting polyester Polycoat 9000™ topcoat that is used on Kaycan aluminum siding for a durable, fade resistant paint finish that has the highest abrasion-resistant factor on the market.

Our shutters are made to measure.

If necessary, they are available in customized lengths

Aluminum shutters are available in standard 14” width and in lengths varying between 20” and 79-1/2” in 1/2” increments.


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