Why Us?

Why Forhomes...

We specialize in the external envelope of the buildings.  Our combined portfolio includes thousands of jobs. Whenever you are building or renovating in Mississauga, Oakville, Caledon or GTA, let us help you in providing the right Windows, Doors and Metal Roofing Solutions. 

forhomes windows in canada1. Our products are built in Canada and the USA

Forhomes is proud to be a buisness partner of: Eurovinyl Windows & Doors Inc. PlyGem, Laflamme, London Eco-Roof, Novatech, Sunview Patio Doors, Sunrise Windows and York Aluminum Storm Doors. Our partners and suppliers understand the weather conditions which are becoming more and more extreme in Ontario.

2. Forhomes Sales Team - Over 15 years of  Industry Experience and Expertise

No matter the size of the job. If you are looking for custom doors, vinyl or wood-aluminum cladded windows, or other home improvement products; our team of experts will have you covered. Many custom built home contractors and proud homeowners will choose our innovative products.

3. Business Partner of Energy Star Manufacturers

Our business partners are Energy-Star fabricators: Euro-Vinyl Windows and Doors Inc. PlyGem, Laflamme products, Sunview Patio Doors etc.

4. Forhomes: We build our own Door Systems

Forhomes is proud to be a custom door fabricator. We understand that every door should be as unique as our customers. We will work with you during the design process to help you understand all available options (colour, stains, hardware, glass design etc.). We specialize in fibreglass and steel entrance systems.

5. Great Delivery Time

We try to process each order without any delay in order to speed up the delivery. The many years of our industry experience have helped us avoid costly mistakes.

6. Easy & Accessible Shopping Possibilities

Online: Our state of the art website-www.forhomes.ca
In our showroom: A well designed showroom with many inspiring samples and innovative ideas.

In the Comfort of your home-Free "Forhomes 101" Consultation (Project Manager)

At the convenience of your home with one of our expert consultants, simply contact us and request an in-home appointment and one of our experts will visit you at the comfort of your home.

7. Soffit, fascia, eavestrough and siding Sales and Installation.

8. Reliable Customer Service, Delivery and Warranties

Check out our reviews and testimonials as we believe in always keeping our customers as happy as possible, we provide the best Customer Service, Delivery and Warranties.

9. Always on the search for Cutting-Edge Products and New Technologies (European Tilt and Turn windows and Doors, Metal Roofs)

We always apply the newest techniques and methods in creating the best environment possible for our customers. This includes searching for new types of products

10. Our Biggest pride? Our installation-Working with proud installers insures customer satisfaction and provides referral which grow our business

We are happy to say that we always do our best when it comes to working and we want to give the customer the best possible satisfaction in order to get referrals for our business.

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